Palin's finished as a national politician

In the short time we’ve known Governor Palin, the media has begun assembling a treasured collection of video and audio gold. Her interviews have been disastrous to all but the most die-hard worshipers. In the inevitable night of the long knives following Big Mac’s concession, the Arizona senator’s senior aides have begun spinning tales out of school regarding diva performances and extravagant luxuries that would make Caligula blush. In a candid moment on the tarmac, awaiting her exit from the field of battle, Palin was asked about her plans for the next election and responded, “2012? That sounds like years from now.” Her ardent fans should step back for a moment and realize that Sarah is the verbal equivalent to Gerald Ford’s golf game.

So let us ask ourselves once again, what should the future hold for Sarah Palin? Perhaps it is best to go back to being a large salmon in a small creek, making the best use of the well-honed skills and pork-gobbling propensities which once vaulted her to a record-setting approval rating. Had she been given more time to fine tune her craft, those weapons may well have been trained on a Washington establishment which would have withered under the tracer fire. The fallout of this election, however, has left the beautiful bird with clipped wings and a load of baggage which would likely trip her up in a terminal fashion at the next dance. Sarah Palin’s moment came too soon and the bright lights of the beltway bandits burned off her plumage.

Best of luck, Governor, but Washington doesn’t suffer electoral losers gladly. Your best future likely lies north of the lower 48.