Video: Martha Coakley is a disaster

Sure, this is technically a political video out of a contested gubernatorial race, but it carries the vibe of a Halloween Friday palate-cleanser.  Please enjoy this monster mash-up of Martha Coakley’s greatest debate hits from the Republican Governors Association.  Brutal:

The ‘check the tape’ flashback on tax hikes is spectacular, as is Coakley buffoonishly standing with her arms held out after shamelessly dodging the drivers-licenses-for-illegal-immigrants question (really? A state Attorney General hasn’t formed an opinion on that?) — but the exchange that slayed me was her adolescent “me too!” answer on raising fees:

Moderator: “Are you making a pledge right now not to raise fees?”

Coakley: “I don’t anticipate that we will raise fees.”

Moderator: But it’s not a solid promise?

Coakley: “Well, I — is Charlie pledging?  Are you signing that, in blood, Charlie?  You’re not going to raise fees?”

Baker: “I’m not going to raise fees.”

Coakley: “Then I’m not going to raise fees either.”

Magnificent.  This race, by the way, is looking more and more like a GOP pick-up:

Charlie Baker maintains a 7 percentage point lead in the race for governor in the final Boston Globe poll before Tuesday’s election, suggesting that the Republican is in a strong position to win the election over Democratic rival Martha Coakley. Forty-four percent of likely voters say they support Baker, a former health care executive and state Cabinet official, while 37 percent say they intend to cast their vote for Coakley, the sitting Massachusetts attorney general.

The RCP average isn’t quite as bullish for Baker, but he’s led in six consecutive polls, which was enough to convince Larry Sabato shift this puppy to a “leans Republican” rating. Exit question (Allahpundit™): What can Massachusetts Republicans do to convince Democrats to keep nominating Martha Coakley for major statewide office?