Surge: Walker regains the lead in Wisconsin

Another new data point that’s turning Eeyore frowns upside down, placing a juicy cherry atop Wednesday’s happy (and sorely needed) polling sundae. Time will tell whether this apparent momentum is the beginning of a trend or just a flash in the pan — but we’re rolling with it, baby. A shot in the arm from the Badger State, where Scott Walker was narrowly trailing his Democratic challenger among likely voters in this polling series last month.  Reversal:

The governor’s 49-46 edge mirrors his job approval rating (+3) and personal favorability (+4) numbers among respondents — likely driven by independents (among whom Walker leads by almost seven points) and resurgent Republican enthusiasm, which falls in line with the nationwide trend.  That this race is even close is a testament to Wisconsin Democrats’ relentless polarization of Walker; they’ve laid siege to the guy from day one and have never let up. Most incumbents would kill for these fundamentals:

He’s presiding over a (+12) right track/wrong track environment in his state — compared to O’s glittering (-38) showing in DC — and a sizable plurality believes the state is on better fiscal footing. Only 27 percent of Wisconsinites, also known as ludicrous partisans, say things are worse off.  On personal characteristics, Walker’s barely underwater on the Democrat-dominated “cares about you” metric and is still sky high on “gets things done” (64/31).  Dems, who left Wisconsin a basket case in 2010, are still scoring with their argument that Wisconsin is “lagging behind other states” in terms of job creation, but Walker has stemmed that tide with a series of positive ads.  A recent example:

His new round of “hole” themed ads pack a solid one-two punch of positivity and blasting Democrat Mary Burke. Speaking of whom, most voters says they don’t believe she has a clear governing vision, while a solid majority see the maddening ‘John Doe’ firestorm for the political hatchet job that it is:

Last but not least, this is the third poll in the span of a week that shows Walker ahead:

Big Mo.