Video: Jon Stewart skewers Harry Reid's Koch hypocrisy

It’s no secret that the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart leans pretty solidly to the left, but certain Democrats evidently make his skin crawl.  Perhaps chief among them is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who Stewart pronounced “really, really terrible” over the Nevadan’s nasty smears against Mitt Romney in 2012.   Stewart and company hopped back aboard the Reid-shaming bandwagon last night, kicking things off by documenting the Senator’s Koch obsession, and ridiculing his inarticulate shabbiness:

The segment then proceeded to trash Reid’s moronic explanation for why the Kochs’ cash is evil poison, whereas Sheldon Adelson’s political contributions are righteous:

“Corruption is a billionaire who spends their money on s–t you don’t like.”

Stewart makes his point, and Reid comes off as a hypocritical asshat — but one glaringly obvious character somehow didn’t make it into the script: Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, whose nine-figure 2014 pledge to Democrats has had Reid jumping through hoops for months.  Steyer effectively rented out the Senate floor for a pointless speech-a-thon devoted to his pet issue, and his ardent opposition to the Keystone pipeline undoubtedly helped torpedo a vote on the broadly-supported, job-creating project.  (Mr. “Green,” coincidentally, founded a company with a major stake in a pipeline that would compete directly with Keystone XL).  Sure, Reid has a political incentive to play nice with Adelson, who’s an uber rich, politically active billionaire operating in his backyard.  Adelson’s resources could potentially prove decisive if Nevada’s popular Republican Governor decides to challenge Reid in 2016, so there’s nothing to be gained from needlessly inflaming that particular wealthy conservative donor.  But the Majority Leader has an even more pressing reason to do Steyer’s bidding, as the mogul’s millions could end up being the difference between Republicans falling just short of recapturing the Senate in November, and Reid losing his current title.  All three “money bags” villains portrayed in the clips above are right-leaning businessmen.  The (at least) equally relevant lefty billionaire managed to elude a single mention, despite the fact his example would have connected the ‘big money hypocrisy’ dots even more forcefully.  A mere oversight, I’m sure.

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