Video: Al Sharpton battles teleprompter, loses

Your palate cleanser du jour, courtesy of the Free Beacon’s video team.  A masterpiece:

Multiple laugh-out-loud moments packed into 78 seconds — beginning with the timeless “resist we much” flub, and closing with a very special exclamation point. My personal favorites are “Sigannoy Weaver” and the confident butchering of “Latvia.”  I do wonder, though, whether the WFB crew is being too generous to Sharpton by labeling the clip “Al Sharpton versus the Teleprompter.”  An odd gripe against the minds behind such a ruthless piece of trolling, I realize, but despite my own headline, I’m not convinced Al’s mistakes can all be chalked up to prompter struggles.  Seamlessly reading that scrolling text aloud can actually be much harder than it looks.  I’ll give him that.  But it doesn’t seem as though Sharpton misreads words like “Beijing” and “hubris,” so much as he…doesn’t know what they are.  Shades of DWS and “myzled.”  Another thing: I feel considerably less mean-spirited posting this video than I might if some other hapless soul were its target.  Why?  Because, put bluntly, Al Sharpton is a terrible person who has trafficked in racial and ethnic resentment (also, cocaine) throughout his adult life.  He’s perpetrated vicious hoaxes and fomented anger that cost innocent lives.  Jonah Goldberg’s 2013 take-down of Sharpton is as unsparing as it is richly earned:

In our overly therapeutic culture, we talk a lot about “enabling” pathologies, self-destructive behavior, etc. Well, Sharpton is a pathology enabled by the very system he loathes. In a healthy society, Sharpton might be on parole now — not the must-get guest for Meet the Press and Today on issues of racial justice. He was a ringleader in perpetuating the evil Tawana Brawley hoax, in which he and two corrupt lawyers (now disbarred) falsely accused assistant district attorney Steven Pagones and others of gang-raping a 15-year-old girl in a racist attack (Brawley claimed that she’d been smeared with feces and had had racist epithets written on her body). No person of any ideological stripe could doubt it was a fraud — except, that is, for the unrepentant Sharpton, who recently insisted “something happened.”

If he’d been locked up for that, he might not have helped incite the Crown Heights riots in 1991. After a tragic car accident in the New York neighborhood in which a Jewish driver accidentally struck and killed a black child named Gavin Cato, Sharpton stoked anti-Semitic rage. At the funeral for Cato, amid shouts from the crowd of “Heil Hitler!” (one banner read, “Hitler did not do the job”), Sharpton didn’t call for reconciliation; he inveighed against “diamond dealers.” During the riots Jews were beaten in the street, and eventually a Hasidic tourist from Australia, Yankel Rosenbaum, was stabbed to death. Perhaps if Sharpton had been shunned for his role in that, he might not have encouraged yet more violence in 1995, when he led protests against the eviction of a black-owned record store. Sharpton fueled rage on his radio show and at rallies to the point where one of the protesters ran into a Jewish-owned store whose owner was wrongly blamed for the eviction, shot several people, and then burned the place down, killing seven (mostly Hispanic) occupants.

No, Sharpton wasn’t drummed out of polite society.  He was rewarded with his very own television show on a network that is, appropriately enough, positively obsessed with racial grievance.  He’s been feted at the White House.  He’s formed a “partnership” with the US Attorney General.  Handsomely compensating Al Sharpton to comment on issues of race on a nightly basis is about as preposterous as appropriating the, er, “lessons” of Orwell’s Animal Farm as a means to justify a Statist agenda.  Remember, friends, these people are supposedly our intellectual and moral betters.  On that front, be sure to read the Free Beacon’s exclusive “discovery” of Krystal Ball’s “high school book reports.”  When it comes to needling the Left, no organization is quite as relentless as the WFB.  And they’re en fuego this week.

Exit Question (Allahpundit ™): David Rutz includes the modifier “volume one” in his short write-up of this montage.  Does that mean there’s a second installment on the way?