Waterloo: Obama now below 40 percent approval on nearly every issue polled

A handy companion piece to AP’s item  from yesterday on Obama’s RCP job approval average dipping below 40 percent for the first time.  You know what this presidency needs?  More Obamacare speeches.  Crash:

Barack Obama’s overall job approval rating has fallen over the past year, and he gets low ratings for his handling of number of foreign policy issues. His job rating is below 40% for nine of 10 foreign policy issues tested, including his overall handling of the nation’s foreign policy….Views of Obama’s job performance in handling foreign policy issues are mostly on par with ratings of his performance on some domestic issues. The survey finds that 37% approve of the way Obama is handling health care and just 31% approve of his handling of the economy.

Some additional data on the foreign policy questions — an area that was once (somehow) a public opinion refuge for this administration:

O’s pulling a robust 34/56 rating on overall foreign policy, 32/60 on immigration, and 37/53 on handling Iran. Nothing that a quick jaunt to Tehran can’t fix, right?  Wrong. Americans, quite understandably, don’t trust the Iranian regime’s intentions by an overwhelming margin. Self-identified Democrats are the lone exception, splitting roughly evenly on the question.  Also notable is the public’s total reversal in assessing Obama’s relative strength on the world stage:

By a double-digit margin, Americans now say the Obama administration’s global posture is too weak. I can’t imagine why. Perhaps the president ought to start reminding people about the Bin Laden raid and bragging about how he’s “really good at killing people” a little louder.  I’ll leave you with Pew’s video summary of their findings.  Your pull quote: “The share of the public saying [that the US is less ‘important and powerful’ today than it was ten years ago] has jumped 12 points since 2009” to an all time high. Smart power:

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