Fools Rush In (Where Sane Democrats Feared To Tread)

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Easter is traditionally a time in the news/political business that is a little on the slow side. Typically, you have to scrounge around a bit to find something at which to mock, criticize, or shake your head. Fortunately, today's progressive movement in the Democratic Party, people of all ages and backgrounds, apparently, 

Last week, the last moderate Democrat, Joe Lieberman, went to his reward after complications suffered from a fall at the age of 82. Lieberman was a true liberal on economics and many social issues, but someone who you could have a serious conversation with on many moral societal issues and national security concerns. He genuinely believed in the issues he espoused. I give him a pass on the year-plus in which he had to suspend that belief in order to support Al Gore's run for the presidency in 2000 as his vice presidential nominee. That brand of Democrat no longer exists in the party. It is now a party of fools, and the people you thought might still have the capacity for reason are capitulating to that foolishness. 

In order to be a progressive Democrat in good standing on this April Fool's Day, 2024, here's just a few examples of what you must believe.

At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, 27 students stormed Kirkland Hall and conducted a 21-hour sit-in in order to protest the university administration's decision to scuttle a referendum vote to embrace the anti-Semitic policy of BDS - boycott, divestment, sanction. The students wanted the college to divest from anything having to do with Israel, and the college did not give them what they wanted. They didn't give them their referendum vote, and apparently, they didn't treat the sit-in as though it was a stay at the Ritz-Carlton. After 21 hours of this nonsense, at 5:30 in the morning, police finally arrested the protesters and took them away. Once they were back on the street, they held a press conference to explain how harrowing their treatment was during a protest. 

From Palestine to Nashville, our oppressors are the same, she says. Israel did not conduct raids into Gaza on October 7th. They did not kidnap Palestinians and bring them into Israel in order to rape, torture, hold hostage, and/or murder them. That would be Palestinian Hamas terrorists who did that to Israelis. Not one of these 27 students were raped, tortured, kidnapped, or murdered. This it just a foolish kid saying a foolish thing. 

If it was in the British countryside instead of in Tennessee, you might think this was a new incarnation of a Monty Python skit. Apparently, progressive Democrat protesters truly believe that if they conduct a protest, they are to be catered to - fed, watered, provide medical attention and feminine products, and allowed proper rest so that their sit-in can continue indefinitely. Only a fool would think that's how things work. 

At Harvard Law School, another divestment protest took place by another fool. 

Staying in education, but moving away from the foolish anti-Semites running amok all over the Democratic Party base, the state of Washington has decided it's had enough of trying to educate smart kids. In the foolish attempt to embrace equity, not equality, meaning they want everyone just as stupid as everyone else, naturally gifted students will no longer have a curriculum offered by the state that foments that academic development

But now, in an effort to make the program more equitable and to better serve all students, the district is phasing out highly capable cohort schools. In their place, SPS is offering a whole-classroom model where all students are in the same classroom and the teacher individualizes learning plans for each student. Teachers won’t necessarily have additional staff in the classroom; the district is working to provide teachers with curriculum and instruction on how to make it work.


Parents like McAllister don’t think the new model will work because teachers in neighborhood schools won’t know how to teach to gifted kids and might overlook them, causing them to turn disruptive or slowing their academic progress.

And some teachers say the new model won’t work because they don’t have the time and resources to create individualized learning plans for every student in a classroom of 20 to 30 students.

The district counters that the old model of cohort schools for highly capable students is highly inequitable. For decades, highly capable programs across the country, like SPS’, served a small number of Black, Latino, Indigenous, Alaskan and Pacific Islander and low-income students and taught more white and Asian students.

Instead of coming up with programs and incentives to develop academic achievement in whatever race category they wish to see more kids representing, the district instead decides, for the sake of equal outcomes, to take away schools offering advanced curriculum and dumping these students in with the general population. It's beyond foolish. It's contributing to the delinquency of minors. 

Speaking of minors, at Joe Biden's annual White House Easter Egg Roll, new rules were issued for this year's event. Part of the yearly festivities include an art contest organized by the National Guard. Keep in mind, Easter is the holiest day on the Christian calendar. Regardless of whether you're Evangelical or Catholic, Easter is the main event. It's to Whom everything in the Old Testament was pointing, and about Whom everything in the New Testament is made possible, because of Christ's sacrifice for us all and then rising from the grave. Joe Biden's White House? Don't even think about including any art submissions with religious stuff on it.

Children of the National Guard are prohibited from submitting religious Easter egg designs for the 2024 “Celebrating National Guard Families” art event at the White House.

The art contest is part of the White House’s Easter traditions, which include the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The flyer for the contest states that an Easter egg design submission “must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.”

You might think of a way for the White House to downplay this, but not when fools populating White House communications issued this beauty on Thursday. 

Brian Stelter, toady for regime media, and also a potato, tried to immediately offer cover fire for the Biden administration.

Except it's not misinformation. Easter has been a thing for a couple millennia. Transgender awareness day has been a thing for 15 years, ever since a transgender activist deemed it so arbitrarily. Just in word count, look how Biden deals with transgendered people compared to how he treats Christians. 

I've read more sentiment from on a Hallmark card. This ordeal is what we call in the political business an unforced error. Whatever gains the White House thought they were getting is far outweighed by slighting the single most important day in all of Christianity. And it's not just Biden that's prioritizing cross-dressing people over faithful Christians celebrating the resurrection of their Savior. Here's Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Joe Biden's Health and Human Services Secretary, Javier Bacheria, backed up the boss, again on Easter Sunday, with this message.

Two-spirit leaders? Is that really a voting bloc that is more represented on Election Day than practicing Christians? What fool honestly believes that? I guess Democrats like Maryland Rep. Glenn Ivey, who came out with this nonsense in a House committee hearing last week. 

The message of rejection, if foolish Democrats continue to degrade American society, is for female athletes. Progressives who purportedly were for women's rights once are now telling them that they have to step aside and play into the fantasy that males pretending to be females get to use their genetic advantage in order to easily beat women in women's sports. If that's not foolish, I don't know what is. 

I could turn this column into a 5,000-word fool's parade if I included examples like California Governor Gavin Newsom trying to force a ceasefire on Israel, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold saying the reason MAGA hates her is because she's a woman, not because she tried to usurp the Constitution and remove Trump from the ballot, a move that got her spanked unanimously by the Supreme Court. 

I could even drop in on the New York State Auto show, where a climate change fool dumped oil on the hood of a brand-new Ford F150 Lightning, an all-electric truck, to protest fossil fuels.

Suffice it to say that when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who wants government to enforce speech limitations on entities he doesn't like, is the Libertarian candidate, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are being harassed by their own base for not being radical enough, it almost makes Donald Trump, who just attended the funeral of fallen New York Police Office Jonathan Diller, and who issued an Easter proclamation celebrating Jesus as the Risen Lord, as the most normal one of the bunch. 


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