This is Joe Biden's war

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Back in 1983, Charlie Wilson’s war took place – a clandestine CIA operation funded through backchannel resources, care of the House Appropriations Committee. It didn’t just provide money, but weaponry and training to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to use against the Soviet Union occupation forces. Over the next few years, the attacks on the Russians got smarter, more tactical, with better weapons, and the Russians eventually fled the country. Yes, the Afghanis won the war against the Soviet Union, but it was Charlie Wilson’s War. It quite simply couldn’t have happened without him. That’s what the movie of 2007 starring Tom Hanks was about.

After watching the brutality unleashed by Hamas over the weekend in Israel, one conclusion became readily apparent. Yes, this is now the latest existential battle in Israel’s lifetime of never knowing true peace in the region. The terrorist group, Hamas, is the enemy in this fight, the tip of the terrorist spear, if you will, as is their chief trainers and suppliers, Iran. And if you don’t think Iran is up to their necks in this series of attacks on Israel, here’s the Wall Street Journal with the receipts. But Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is just as key a figure in all of the carnage you’re seeing, just as sure as Hamas and the Iranian mullahs in Tehran are. He has aided and abetted Iran and Hamas from the first days of his presidency, as well as simultaneously hamstringing Israel in order to bring the Middle East to the state of war we see today.

In mid-November of 2020, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared in Jerusalem as part of a three-part announcement of the third leg of the Abraham Accords, a peace deal between Israel and Bharain. As part of Pompeo’s remarks, the Secretary of State said this:

The agreements “tell malign actors like the Islamic Republic of Iran that… they are ever-more isolated and shall forever be until they change their direction,” Pompeo warned.

“These agreements are… important to the whole world,” the secretary of state said. “Countries you wouldn’t expect are grateful for the work Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates and Israel will do together.”

Say what you will about the behavior and antics of Donald Trump, both on social media as well as in the period after the 2020 Election. His foreign policy, specifically regarding Israel’s role in the Middle East, was extraordinary, breaking the false narrative offered by the left that the only path to peace was a two-state solution. Barack Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry famously made this prediction before the Abraham Accords came along to make him look like an abject know-nothing fool.

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Secretary Pompeo, National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien, and a host of conservative diplomats, showed that simply wasn’t the case. The U.S., along with Israel, convinced a series of Sunni Arab states that their biggest adversary was not Israel, but a radical Shiia Persian regime with a nuclear weapon was, and that the biggest ally in the region the Sunni Arab states would have against that growing existential threat was, in fact, Israel. Left out of the equation was the fate of the Palestinians, a nomadic tribe that truth be told, were really not welcomed anywhere else in the Middle East. They had been relegated to irrelevancy.

Iran, at the close of the Trump administration, was in the third year of severe negative GDP growth, their currency had fallen by roughly half against the dollar, increased sanctions had cut off their trade markets, and they were almost out of cash.

In short, Hamas didn’t have the resources in 2020 to mount an attack like what we saw over the weekend. They would dig tunnels, send a fighter or two with a suicide vest, try to blow up a bus, or maybe launch a few rockets if they got a shipment from Iran that didn’t get intercepted on its way to Gaza. Iran was not in a place to be able to export terrorism to the degree they wished, because they were cash-starved and still dealing harshly with over a year of unrest and protests all over the country.

All that changed with President Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021. Within 8 days of taking the oath of office, Biden appointed who we now know from the reporting of Semafor to be an Iranian plant, Robert Malley, to be the special envoy to Iran. In essence, Biden hired an Iranian spy to help shape the drafting of the new Iran deal so that it would favor Tehran and bring them relief from the crippling sanctions. It was the political equivalent of hiring in the wolf to negotiate and write the peace agreement with the henhouse.

In his first year in office, Joe Biden’s foreign policy team brought us the calamitous Afghanistan withdrawal. We see the fruit of that debacle in the aggression taken around the world by Xi Jinping towards Taiwan, and especially with Vladimir Putin’s escapades in Ukraine, and ISIS and al Qaeda resurgent in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

But the fallout from that unmitigated disaster of a withdrawal can also be seen and felt in the shocking images we’ve witnessed from southern Israel over the weekend. Some of the weapons used by the Palestinians were the very ones we literally abandoned to the Taliban in 2021 when we bugged out. And the Taliban didn’t let them go to waste. What surplus they couldn’t use themselves, making up the rest of the $65-plus billion dollars’ worth of equipment left behind, they used to become international arms dealers, with weapons being sold to all sorts of bad actors around the globe.

Small arms left behind in Afghanistan by the US army after their disastrous pullout from the country in 2021 have reached Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip, according to an unnamed senior Israeli military official that spoke with Newsweek.

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, as late as last week, proclaimed indignantly that the Middle East was a quiet as it had been in two decades.

So if by quiet you mean they’re planning, training, arming, and then executing the largest terrorist attack in the Middle East since the 1973 Yom Kippur war, sure, they’re quiet about it. That’s not much solace to the families of hundreds of dead Israelis, that could easily revise upwards into the thousands depending on the fate of the hostages taken, including dozens of Americans.

Much has been made of the $6 billion dollars freed up by the Biden Administration in the pursuit of peace and humanitarianism. The law of fungibility took that goodwill and left a shot-up music festival, for peace, mind you, that killed over 260 people thus far. The State Department’s spokesperson, Matthew Miller, tried to put as much damage control distance as possible between the attack and the $6 billion dollar payday to the Palestinian terrorism supply chain in Tehran.

It’s as if this administration has never heard of a payroll advance company, which are legion across the United States, that give you your paycheck a little early if you’re short of cash, provide you pay them a percentage of it as a fee for them advancing the money to you. It’s no different here. Regardless of how much of the $6 billion has already been transferred to Iran, and the latest is that at least $43 million has already been transferred, if the Mullahs know the money is coming, they can do use bookkeeping tricks to shift money around and kill some Jews now, and then maybe feed their own people and provide infrastructure a little later when the rest of the money comes in.

Even Secretary of State Antony Blinken on NBC’s Meet the Press with Kristen Welker admitted that fungibility is in play here.

Secretary Blinken admitted that of course, money is fungible, and that of course, Iran has always used humanitarian money in the past for terrorism. We just hoped they wouldn’t do it this time.

By the way, the aforementioned State Department? It hasn’t really covered itself in glory in the first few hours and days of this attack. Here was their first official post on Twitter/X as the attack was unfolding.

It was quickly deleted, but the internet is forever. As are the anti-Semitic Democrats who are openly cheering the attack, as well as some of their allies in media who are blaming Israel for the violence. In New York, a pre-planned, pro-Palestine rally by the NY-DSA (Democratic Socialists of America – you know, the Bernie Sanders wing of the party), went ahead as normal and were jubilant with the attacks.

On MSNBC, Ayman Mohyeldin, basically declared that the Israelis deserved to be slaughtered.

Back to the Biden foreign policy shop at Foggy Bottom. Thanks for the reporting of the Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, on Saturday, the State Department told the Associated Press:

Yet literally on day one of the Biden administration, the State Department’s internal memos on policy changes towards Israel and Hamas, comes this part where they knew throwing money at Hamas would probably result in more terrorist attacks.

Joe Biden knew. They all knew. As you watch the carnage continue to unfold, keep those two words in the front of your brain. They knew. And they’re calling for Israel to stand down and basically take it. They knew. And yet they opened up finances to Iran. They knew. And they still brought in an agent of the Iranian government to write the deal to ease restrictions on the Iranian government.

They knew. This is Joe Biden’s war. All of the death. All of the injuries. All of the kidnapping, raping, defiling of dead bodies, the continued destabilization of the Middle East, all of it. Rep. Cori Bush led the charge amongst Congressional Democrats hostile to Israel, decrying the loss of life on both sides. Moral equivalence, considering the origin and nature of the attack in this case, is anti-Semitism. I appreciate people like Rep. Bush for putting words to it. It makes it easier to shine a light on it. It’s a lot more insidious when an American president says the anti-Semitic rhetoric in his party is over the line, yet every policy decision he’s made is to the detriment of the state of Israel. This was President Biden’s reaction when the White House finally got their act together, hours after the attacks began.

Sure, Joe Biden says he has their back. His actions and policies demonstrate while he’s standing behind Israel, he’s simultaneously ensuring her enemies have the means and materials necessary to craft the knife with which to stab her.

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