Home invader tries to take advantage of elderly couple, evidently gets more than he bargained for

Here’s a nice palate-cleansing, feel-good post for a Friday afternoon, and an apt demonstration of the equalizing force of firearms to boot. I always wonder what it is gun-control advocates think they’re advocating for when they try to trample on the Second-Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens by arbitrarily reducing the types of guns they’re allowed to have and the places in which they’re allowed to have them, because what these progressives are really advocating for is the domination of the unscrupulous and physically strong over the weak. The police can’t even come close to being everywhere at once, and what happens when, for instance, an able-bodied intruder with murky intentions tries to exploit what he assumes will be his advantage over a frail elderly couple living by themselves? It’s a damn good thing this Kentucky pair had the means of self defense at their immediate disposal and didn’t have to wait to find out:

Officials say the man knocked on the couple’s back door around 1:30 a.m. Thursday screaming “My wife is hurt, my wife is hurt. Please help!” When 70-year-old Sarah Hudgins opened the door, the man, wearing a ski mask and all black, attacked her grabbing her throat and pushing her inside.

The husband, who officials say is fighting a battle with cancer, came out and pointed a loaded gun at the suspect and was able to scare him off and out of the house.