The White House readies for the ObamaCare-signup home stretch

There’s officially less than one month to go for the open enrollment period during which us lucky Americans have the munificent opportunity to sign up for health insurance or else start paying the attendant tax — although, for all we know, the Obama administration will end up extra-legally rejiggering that deadline, too, if the numbers don’t start accelerating in their direction within the next couple of weeks. Ergo, cue the final marketing push, via Politico:

The final month of the White House enrollment campaign isn’t about daily events in Washington or speeches aimed at a national audience. Instead, Obama, Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, cabinet members and senior administration officials are showering attention in very targeted ways on African Americans, Latinos, young people and the top 25 cities with the most uninsured Americans.

They’re hitting The View and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But what’s less noticed is how they’re popping up on syndicated radio shows, at local enrollment events and on social media networks, hawking health insurance like product pitchmen. …

“Folks only have about five weeks left,” Obama said on the Russ Parr Morning Show, urging people to sign up on or call a toll-free number. “Don’t believe all the misinformation that’s out there because that is all politics and that is all directed toward me coming from the other side. Check for yourself whether this makes sense.” …

“In the final push, we’ll be ramping up efforts to reach the uninsured directly where they are,” said White House health care strategist Tara McGuinness, “in their communities, on the radio stations they listen to, the programs they watch, the websites they read, through their family members and people in their community who know them and want them to get covered, and by encouraging celebrities and athletes to get the word out.”

“Don’t believe all the misinformation out there” because it’s “all politics” directed towards him? Kinda’ like how Harry Reid insisted that all of the ObamaCare horror stories out there, aren’t, or something? Or how ObamaCare actually makes very little economic sense for young people, and relies on their outsized input to pay for older, sicker participants in order for the system to work? ‘Cause hey, by all means, young people, do go check out for yourselves whether this makes any long-term sense.