Harry Reid: Finally, Republicans are "regaining their grip on sanity"

OK, senator. Have it your way. My only question for him then, and all of the other Democrats rolling merrily along with their endless iterations of debt-ceiling hikes, is in regard to that “catastrophic default on our nation’s obligations” that “would have thrown our economy into a tailspin,” since it does seem so very important to him: If not now, then when do you plan on addressing the fact that we are approaching $18 trillion in national debt with no present or future plans that will accomplish anything besides continuing to add to that number hand-over-fist? Is it your intention, in fact, to never bother addressing our egregiously unsustainable spending levels, and to just keep raising the debt ceiling to infinity and beyond? Because, if we’re really casting stones about “sanity,” well… via RCP:

It’s encouraging that some of my Republican colleagues seem to be regaining their grip on sanity this week. Republicans have shown a willingness to compromise to restore veterans’ hard-earned pensions. A few reasonable House Republicans were willing to join Democrats to avert a catastrophic default on our nation’s obligations. A default that would have thrown our economy into a tailspin, and damaged this nation’s standing in the world. I commend Speaker Boehner for doing the right thing. He voted for this, and he got enough Republican votes to get it done.