Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell: "There's nothing glorious about war"

I went and saw the newly-released Lone Survivor last weekend, and using Ed’s rating scale, I’d give the film an unequivocal 5 (totally worth the full-price theater ticket) — it was intense, it was sincere, and most of all, it was a profound and touching tribute to a group of brothers-at-arms who made the ultimate sacrifice after a mission went terribly wrong in the mountains of Afghanistan. The reviews have been mostly positive, but all too predictably (sadly), the appallingly banal criticisms of the film as little more than a “jingoistic,” racist, dehumanizing piece of “war propaganda” have also reared their very ugly heads — not that former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell is paying them any mind. “I don’t really have any thoughts on it at all, to tell you the truth. Someone told me something about ‘pro-war,’ and I sat and thought about it for awhile, and I didn’t even know if that’s — is that a real term? Because, there’s nothing glorious about war. There’s nothing glorious about holding your friends in your arms and watching them die. … The bottom line is, there’s bad people everywhere.”