Chris Matthews: "Anger and fear" are driving America to all this "right-wing nuttiness"

More Americans than ever before name “big government” as the greatest threat to the country’s future. A record number of Americans think the federal government is “broken.” President Obama’s approval ratings are scraping new lows. A majority of Democrats would now like to see ObamaCare delayed.

“Anger and fear”? I’d say the man almost comes dangerously close to having a point.

No, I think it’s about that other, fiercer emotion these days: Fear. Downright fear. People in this country, are lot of them are afraid of what’s happening in these early decades of the 21st century. Just afraid. … They worry about the national debt that’s growing right on past the size of our economy itself. They see the Congress year after year unable to stop spending more than it takes in. … And this makes people angry. It makes them mad. The number one solution to this country’s rightward shift, to all the craziness out there, is for those of us in the center and on the left to get control of our government. Firm, rational, progressive, grownup control…

Then, of course, he completely ruins it with demagoguery, deception, and delusion, but… so close.

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