Obama: "When it comes to Congress, there is no such thing as an offer they can't refuse"

As Ed pointed out this morning, the White House is currently engaged in their umpteenth iteration of their emergency go-to Economic Pivot: The Anything But ObamaCare Edition, and the tactic has gotten so full of predictable clichés that it’s long since surpassed laughable. Case in point: At a DreamWorks Animation studio in California this afternoon, President Obama turned to that old, faithful political standby of “Republican obstruction” and “Congressional dysfunction” to try and remind Americans of exactly who deserves the full blast of their ire right now: The party that had absolutely nothing to do with passing the disastrously bungled healthcare law currently being foisted upon the most personal aspects of their lives, duh (click the pic to watch at RCP):

 photo Screenshot2013-11-26at74656PM_zps97e6a3f7.png

And I put forward my plans to create new jobs and even the odds for the middle class and I put forward plans that give some Republicans some of the things they want in exchange for ideas that will create good jobs right now. So far they won’t consider them. Some people have heard me say my list of top five movies, you know, Godfather 1 and 2 have to be on it. But it turns out Marlon Brando had it easy because when it comes to Congress, there is no such thing as an offer they can’t refuse. I just keep on coming back. I’m gonna keep on trying though. I am because we got no choice.

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