Sen. Gillibrand: "We all knew" that insurance plans were going to get cancelled

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s segment on ABC on Sunday just about perfectly encapsulates precisely why all of the feigned Democratic discomfort, disgruntlement, and even outrage pouring out over President Obama’s utterly shattered “if you like your plan, you can keep it” promise is so ludicrously disingenuous. As the Democrat from New York so aptly details, everybody involved always knew that lots of people losing their current insurance plans was not merely an accidental side feature but indeed a central premise of a functional ObamaCare rollout. People had to get kicked off of their plans at current market prices and start paying for more expensive ones in order to account for the inherently riskier insurance pools that ObamaCare creates by eschewing preexisting conditions limitations and bestowing everyone with more “comprehensive” coverage. Gillibrand, like many of her fellow Democrats still obtusely determined to forge ahead, focuses on the latter part of that equation, enthusiastically touting the totally awesome ways in which ObamaCare covers more things for more people, like birth control and pregnancy expenses for women — without making them pay more than man, never mind that they consume more services! …The former part of that equation, however, wherein somebody still has to pay for all of those things (hence the skyrocketing premiums so many Americans are now encountering), she and other Democrats are choosing to ignore.

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