White House to unruly states: You guys should really get on that Medicaid expansion, you know

After the Supreme Court so inconveniently rejected ObamaCare’s Medicaid mandate (under which states would have been required to expand their Medicaid programs to cover all individuals up to 138 percent of the poverty line or else risk losing the entirety of their federal Medicaid funding) as unconstitutional, a bunch of (mostly red) states have since deemed the move a hugely expensive boondoggle just waiting to happen and have opted out of doing so.

Medicaid expansion on a voluntary basis wasn’t exactly a part of the administration’s original plan, and as ObamaCare’s woes mount and millions of Americans are losing their insurance plans, the White House is redoubling their efforts to push those lingeringly stubborn states to help make their lives easier and just get on board already:

24 States Are Refusing to Expand Medicaid, Leaving Millions Uninsured

Nearly half of states are so locked into the politics of Obamacare that they’re willing to leave nearly 5.4 million of their own people uninsured. Take a look at our map — and make sure you share it.

Er, Virginia, “committed”? Really? Terry McAuliffe may be VA’s new governor-elect, but the governor doesn’t just get to decide whether or not to expand Medicaid all his own, as Politico points out (among other problems with the map):

Virginia is singled out for special treatment, listed as “committed” to expanding Medicaid because of the election this week of Democrat Terry McAuliffe as governor. But that comes as news to local Republicans, who insist that expansion is no sure thing in the Old Dominion State, regardless of McAuliffe’s victory.

“As they have been throughout the entire Obamacare implementation process, the White House remains blissfully unaware of reality,” said Matthew Moran, spokesman for Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell. “The authority to expand Medicaid no longer rests with the governor.” A legislative commission must weigh in.

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