USA Today reporter on whether ObamaCare site is fixable: "...That is up for debate."

Up for debate,” as in: It’s not looking so good.

MSNBC does provide a pretty apt summary of the many “glitches” still plaguing the online portal, besides the obligatory shots at the ‘tea party’ for ‘distracting everyone’ with the government shutdown; apart from the bureaucrats themselves, there don’t seem to be many progressive holdouts even trying to maintain the illusion that the Obama administration really messed this up bigtime. They steamrolled right on ahead with rolling out a product — through which people need to be able to access health care plans in order to comply with a federal mandate in a matter of a few months — that tech experts are suggesting might need to be completely scrapped, for goodness’ sake. I suppose it was quite the existential dilemma, choosing whether they should call for another unilateral and humiliating delay in opening the law’s doors or just plow right on through and hope they could cobble things together to a workable degree eventually; they obviously chose the latter, and as Scarborough noted, “the Canadians fired a Canadian firm that the United States hired to run the biggest governmental launch in a generation. Huh.”