Rep. Justin Amash: Let's be real, we're doing the president a favor by trying to delay ObamaCare for one year

The man’s got a point. Starting at around the 9:10 mark:

Well, we have to have compromise. The president himself is arguing that we’re not willing to compromise. We’re willing to compromise. And part of that compromise means when you want to borrow more money, we’re going to have to have some cuts in government. And that’s all Republicans are asking for. And we’re not talking about “draconian cuts” … We’re talking about delaying Obamacare for a year, which is something the president has asked for with the employer mandate. So, let’s delay it for everyone. I think we’re doing the president a favor if we delay it. The program is not ready to be implemented. If anything the president should be asking us to delay it because it’s better for him politically.

If President Obama is so focused on a good electoral showing for the 2014 midterms — if not to take back the House but at least to prevent the Republicans from gaining ground and furthering his lame-duckery — then running on ObamaCare probably isn’t going to be a big help. Try as they might to spin the many “kinks” and “glitches” that will assuredly emerge as the system begins its soft launch in just over two weeks and maintain ownership over the issue as a net positive, Democrats are going to have a long year working their way through the implementation of the deeply unpopular law. Why not take the employer-mandate delay another step further and give relief to all Americans? And as Paul Gigot points out, hey, maybe President Obama actually wouldn’t mind another shutdown battle — the better with which to campaign against those dastardly, obstructionist Republicans!

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023