Rubio: These are the kinds of scandals you see in the third world

During an interview on Fox on Tuesday night, Sen. Rubio some poignant thoughts about the wildly nefarious nature of the several scandalizing stories currently bleeding out of the Obama administration:

I can tell you that what’s become clearly apparent is a culture throughout the federal government — not just the IRS, but the Department of Justice, the State Department, etc. We’ve seen that now through three different incidents that basically use the government as an instrument of political activity that target your political opponents to make life difficult for people that are saying things you don’t like, to make life difficult for whistleblowers that are saying things about the State Department that you don’t like. And I believe that all that comes from the top of any organization. So, I think that’s where the questions are increasingly leading, and it’s embarrassing for the country. These are things you typically see in the third world, from unestablished republics and other places. You don’t see that here, and I think that’s what’s really troubling about the recent string of events. … I don’t think that that kind of environment can flourish unless there’s created a space or an environment where it’s encouraged. … It’s a general culture of a willingness to use the instruments of governments to put what you consider to be your political opponents in a bad position.

Even if all of these separate scandals now erupting on President Obama’s watch aren’t due to any direct marching orders from the very top on down, the strategy of just acting like this stuff is happening all around you, and that you are playing catch-up on rooting out the bad eggs, looks incredibly weaksauce. This is the kind of crap that happens in the power-tripping, censoring, centrally-planning, and election-stealing corruptocrat bureaucracies in third-world countries run by dictators and communists, not in an affluent democracy. Maybe you should be aggressively making sure that this stuff isn’t happening in the federal government you are constantly assuring us that you are only growing for our own good — which is pretty obviously exactly what hasn’t been going on here:

In Obama’s case, the narrative emerging from this tumultuous week goes something like this: None of these messes would have happened under a president less obsessed with politics, less insulated within his own White House and less trusting of government as an institution. …

But in the current atmosphere of multi-ring uproars, it is easier to make a case that a mindset of inattention to governing detail and excessive attention to politics was at work in the State Department on Benghazi, and the IRS on investigation of tea party groups, even if Obama isn’t shown to be directly involved.