Carney: The ARB's Benghazi report was "rigorous and unsparing"

Allahpundit already covered the Syria-related aspects of Monday’s White House press briefing, but here’s another key bit that could prove mighty tricky for the Obama administration as the week progresses. Sounds like they’re sticking to their guns on the Accountability Review Board report from last December, to which they’ve ever since been referring questions; and although late last week the State Department’s IG office reported that they’re conducting an investigation into just how thoroughly definitive that report really was, Carney insisted that review was “led by two men of unimpeachable expertise and credibility that oversaw a process that was rigorous and unsparing.” Via the DC:

I’m thinking there’s going to be a pretty major hitch in their narrative here with the ARB report (among other things); it’s the Obama administration’s official account of things, and sure, it did produce “a series of recommendations that have all been acted on by the State Department,” but it also basically cleared Hillary Clinton from any serious culpability. As Ed already pointed out, however, at least one witness taking part in Wednesday’s Congressional hearing is reportedly going to testify that Clinton deliberately cut the State Department’s counter-terrorism bureau out of the loop, and that the ARB report then deliberately omitted that pesky detail. That could prove troublesome, no?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022