MSNBC panelist on Ayotte, etc: Is it even more surprising when a woman votes against background checks?

On MSNBC this morning, panelist Donny Deutsch — after first insisting that the next time “a crazy, or somebody who would have not gotten a gun because of background checks, kills somebody, I want to know what [these senators’] response is going to be because they literally have blood on their hands” (nevermind that even Sen. Feinstein admitted that expanded background checks would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy of the Newtown massacre) — he then proceeded to express his befuddlement at how it is any woman could feasibly find it in their feminine hearts to vote against background checks. Via NRO:

DEUTSCH: Is it even more surprising to you when a woman votes against this, just from a very primal… because, there are differences between the sexes, and when you see a woman — maternal, blah blah blah — it almost takes it to another level.

BRZEZINSKI: And I’ll take it to the level that brings women and men, when they come to Washington, they go to the negotiating table, and they come to do business at work, women don’t take as many risks as men. And this just doesn’t make any sense to me. So, yes, I am surprised, for a completely different reason than you’d think, but there are female sensibilities that we bring to the table that are very valuable when it comes to leading our country and we need more women, certainly, in power and in Washington. I am absolutely stumped by Heidi Heitkamp, and Kelly Ayotte, or any man who voted “no on this, because it is… it’s not handing out welfare for them.

DEUTSCH: If I was running against any of those candidates, I would do a mother movement against the women.

Yes, I agree that men and women are different, and can bring different perspectives on an issue to the table — and my “feminine sensibilities” are precisely why I feel the way I do about guns and the Second Amendment, and take the responsibility of personal and home self-defense upon myself. Enough of this rubbish that Sen. Ayotte or Sen. Heitkamp couldn’t have possibly voted against this bill and still represent real women’s views, because they’re representing mine just fine, thank you very much, in that expanded background checks are more of a balm than an actual solution to the problem of violence.

I am so sick and tired of women being made into some kind of political “other,” as if we are all supposed to feel a particular way about everything and that our political concerns are somehow so very different from — oh, I don’t know — the other half of the population. This is all a part of the Left’s efforts to delegitimize, not conservatives’ policies, but their motives. Nutshell version: ‘Oh, Kelly Ayotte’s maternal instincts just haven’t kicked in or something, that’s the only imaginable way she could have thought it was a good idea to vote against background checks; that, or she’s either a horrible person or a political stooge!’ [Headdesk.]

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John Sexton 4:00 PM on March 20, 2023