Biden: Some people just like shooting guns because "it's like driving a Ferrari"

I still find it bizarre that, of all people, this is the guy they’re sending out to lead the charge on gun control. I suppose, for one thing, he’s at least — ahem — unintimidating?

It’s used to be, Joe, we were dealing almost exclusively with hunters. … There’s a whole new sort of group of individuals who, I don’t what the numbers are, that never hunt at all, but they own guns for one of two reasons: Self-protection, or, they just like the feel of that AR-15 at the range. They like the way it feels. They just, you know, it’s like driving a Ferrari, you know. So, my impression is, there’s not the same sort of cultural norm about gun ownership with a lot of people who are buying guns now.

Actually, people go to the range because it is fundamentally irresponsible to own firearms for self-protection, hunting, or any use without being well-practiced in their handling. And sure, firing at the range can be a lot of fun, and I know I’ve had a bit of “new toy”-mentality when I bought my first gun, but that’s only because it’s an empowering activity in an “I refuse to be a victim”-type of way, not because it’s glamorous or showy or expensive.

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