Reid: Obama has accomplished even more than FDR, you know

A sentiment with which I would actually agree — in the sense that creating and perpetuating unsustainable top-down entitlement programs that have no real hope of paying for themselves and make debtors out of future generations, can be called an “accomplishment.” Via the WFB:

I think he has an idea of what he wants to get done. For example, health care. We had the most productive session in the history of the country his first two years in the presidency. More so than Roosevelt, we got so many things done. But we were so overwhelmed, so busy trying to do things, we didn’t really do a good job of touting what we had done.

Much like President Obama himself, it sounds like Reid thinks one of President Obama’s as well as the Democrats’ worst faults has been his failure to “tell a story” to the American people — why won’t anybody just let the poor guy be clear?

I just wanted to draw attention to that particular interview tidbit as the perfect opportunity to point out… well, this:

“This chart displays projected federal spending on federal welfare programs over the next ten years, based on data from the Congressional Research Service and Congressional Budget Office,” the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee explains. “These figures do not count state contributions to federal welfare programs (primarily on low-income health assistance) which brought total welfare spending in FY2011 to more than $1 trillion – dwarfing any other budget item including Medicare and Social Security, and totaling enough to mail every household in poverty a check for 60k each year.”

Our entitlement programs are currently throwing us ever-deeper into debt and piling onto our unfunded liabilities, and President Obama’s proposals don’t even come close to fixing that problem. Why is getting compared to FDR is somehow an enviable standard of progressive excellence, when the only glaring problem is that these progressive programs do not work, and President Obama has no apparent plans to try and amend them? Good intentions do not necessarily translate into positive or effective results — and more than anything else, these longstanding top-down programs are what is pushing us into fiscal catastrophe at the direct expense of economic growth and stability.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023