Pelosi: "Don't even think about" trying to raise the Medicare age

All of this ‘compromise’ flying back and forth is practically giving me whiplash.

As I have said, don’t even think about raising the Medicare age. We are not throwing America’s seniors over the cliff to give a tax cut to the wealthiest people in America. We have clarity on that. But, again, on all these other things, go to the table and negotiate.

Translation: I am not going to give an inch on Republicans’ suggestions, but Republicans better start doing what we want — ’cause that’s how compromise works, dammit!

Enough already with this false equivalency that any and all entitlement reforms are coming at the expense of ‘giving a tax cut to the wealthiest people in America.’ We’re on our way to our fifth straight trillion+ dollar yearly deficit, and even if President Obama’s proposed tax hike does everything he says it will, it still will not accomplish anything substantive in helping pay off our debt or decrease the size of government. As Boehner elucidated this morning, Obama and the Democrats are just willfully pretending that spending isn’t the problem.

Pelosi published an op-ed about the ostensible “assault” on seniors that raising the Medicare age would be on Wednesday, but Dan Foster has her number:

First, raising the eligibility age for Medicare isn’t about arbitrarily stiffing seniors. The principle behind it is that Americans are both living longer and working longer, and that old-age/retirement entitlements should reflect that shift. Second, any plan that could pass both chambers would surely make the change gradually. Pelosi admits as much later in the piece. There simply aren’t going to be any 64-and-a-half-year-olds who wake up to find out that their insurance options have changed overnight. In fact, the data suggests the overwhelming majority of affected seniors would continue to be covered by other means. Last, if the Republicans manage to get this “trophy” it will be because the president of the United States — and the leader of Mrs. Pelosi’s party — said, as recently as today, that he was open to the idea.