Clinton: That Jeep ad really hurt Obama's feelings, you know

And so the Jeep/China/offshoring drama continues. Team Obama was up in arms over the weekend because, they claimed, a new Mitt Romney ad perpetuates a false attack by pointing out that erstwhile-bailout-recipient Chrysler is considering building new Jeep production facilities in China. The only thing is, while Romney did misspeak while on the stump last week about Chrysler’s production plans, everything in Romney’s ad is completely true and mainly serves to point out that Obama gave taxpayer money to a company that offshores, even though we know how much President Obama just detests offshoring in practice and in principle, don’t you know.

So, Team Obama’s response? Fight facts with more fire!

Yes, because doubling down on your false “let them eat cake” narrative on Romney’s proposed version of the auto bailouts isn’t misleading at all.

But wait, there’s more! At a campaign rally on Obama’s behalf today, President Clinton went into full-on shameless demagogue mode, h/t the Weekly Standard:

I saw the reports of Governor Romney’s latest ad saying that the president had allowed Jeep to move to China. And so, this morning, before he left Florida and went back to Washington, he said, ‘You know, of all the things Governor Romney has said that probably hurts my feelings the most.’ He said, ‘You know, I never had any money when I was a kid, and the first new car I ever owned I was 30 years old it was a Jeep. I would never move Jeep to China.’

Well, far be it from Mitt Romney to argue with any of the president’s lingering Jeep-sentimentality by pointing out his intellectual inconsistencies on offshoring — how very gauche of him.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on December 01, 2022