Good news: Interior Department creating their very own climate-change committee

Because none of the hydra-like heads of the Obama administration’s ever-growing bureaucracy can ever be really complete without it’s own personal council of green-energy-promotin’, climate-change-science-pushin’ environmentalist types, the Interior Department is all set to get their special board of eco-advisers to help them inform their decisions on future policy-making, whoop-de-doo. Human Events has the scoop:

The Interior Department announced the new bureaucracy in a recent federal registry notice along with a call for nominations by Nov. 19 to seat the 25-member board.

The notice specifically states membership will be comprised of state and local government employees, non-governmental organizations, Native American tribes, academia, individual landowners and business interests.

“In addition, the committee may include scientific experts, and will include rotating representation from one or more of the institutions that host the (Interior Department) Climate Science Centers,” the notice said. …

The committee will advise on a national strategy to identify “key science priorities to advance management of natural resources in the face of climate change.”

While I’m sure we’ll all look forward to seeing if Salazar picks candidates for the Interior’s committee the same way the EPA does on the waste/fraud/abuse scale, this is really an insidious little piece of policy-making, too. I’d bet big money that this is not going to be a dispassionate, balanced committee looking for ways to keep bureaucrats noses out of Americans’ private property and businesses; rather, it’s going to ‘inform’ the Interior Department’s already-made-up collective mind with contrived reasons to further regulate, control, and acquire land.

That’s a damn shame if you actually happen to care about the environment rather than imposing your vision of what you think the new, green world should look like on the masses, because the federal government is time and again a demonstrably awful steward of America’s natural resources; for instance, when wildfires smothered the Western states this past summer, environmentalists were all-too-eager to blame the raging fires on climate change and a hotter planet, while giving the big-government, impoverishing, land-lockdown policies that actually caused the catastrophic wildfires a completely free pass.

But hey, by all means, let’s just keep growing the government’s merry band of eco-crusaders and endow them with enough regulatory fiat that no mere commoner will be able to challenge their ostensibly conservation-minded ways. It’s all for the good of the planet, right?

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