DWS on Obama's lack of presence in North Carolina: "This is a big country"

While a few high-profile Democrats have spent a good bit of time campaigning through North Carolina, President Obama himself has rarely visited the state this cycle and left the legwork there to his surrogates, focusing more of his own campaign-attention in places like Ohio and Virginia — this is, after all, a very “big country,” as DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz pointed out on the stump yesterday.

Mmm hmm. North Carolina went for the Hope n’ change bait-and-switch in 2008, reversing their more than two-decade Republican presidential voting history and giving their 15 electoral votes to Barack Obama, and the Democrats’ chosen convention-destination of Charlotte was a calculated move designed to help them garner the newfound swing state’s votes this time around, too. Unfortunately for them, it’s looking more and more like North Carolinians aren’t buying what Team Obama is selling this time around, and his team is likely reckoning that his time may be better spent elsewhere.

The Romney camp, anyway, definitely seems to be feeling more comfortable about their prospects in the state, but of course, Team O would never publicly concede the territory. It’s all hogwash! Hogwash, they say!