Pelosi: "Oh, Mitt Romney is not going to be president"

By all means, keep yucking it up, Democrats. I’m sure the American people are almost convinced you’re not the least bit scared. On CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, a little before the five-minute mark:

“Oh, Mitt Romney is not going to be president of the United States. I think everybody knows that.”

Does everybody know that? Because by most accounts, this election has been running on a too-close-to-call basis, and while the differing arguments from pollsters and pundits abound, very few people are calling this thing as definitively locked up for President Obama. The House Minority Leader went on to preemptively apologize for the Republicans’ ‘philosophy of obstruction’ that will no doubt dominate an Obama second term (since Republicans just loathe ‘clean air’ and ‘clean water’ and ‘public safety’ and whatnot), i.e., President Obama will continue to demonstrate an abysmal sense of leadership and nothing major will change — man oh man, that’s some really excellent reasoning to vote for the president if ever I’ve heard it.

Pelosi also reiterated her confidence in the Democrats’ chances for taking back the House (again, er… the Democrats are going to easily net 25 seats? Really?) and the Senate’s chances for keeping their Democratic majority. Maybe she’s just playing up the blitheness, but it’s kind of an interesting strategy — isn’t conventional wisdom that you usually try to appear less than confident in order to motivate the base to get out to the voting booths?