Romney: "Forward"? More like "Forewarned"

Heh. As someone who’s always tickled by a good bit of wordplay (maybe even too much — I derive an inordinate amount of happiness from puns and witticisms), I can’t resist. Especially since, in one fell swoop, it actually communicates something quite poignant, I thought it was clever. At a campaign event in Ohio on Monday:

Forward is his campaign slogan. I think forewarned is a better term. We know what would happen if he were reelected, we’d see more years of high unemployment. We’d see more year of massive deficits. We’ve seen more years of almost no wage growth in this country. We’ve seen more years of a nation on the cusp of the kind of crisis you’ve seen in Europe. We’re forewarned and that’s why we’re not going to re-elect this man.

One hundred percent agreed. We’ve seen the failing results of President Obama’s policies, and if we as a nation can’t get our act together and replace our leadership, then whatever economic misery follows is nothing but our just desert. We gave President Obama a shot, and it didn’t work — we’ve been warned, and if we don’t heed that warning and demonstrate that we actually have a pulse and a will to do something more than just roll over and die, it’s entirely our own fault. Rep. Allen West made just this point the other day:

In Barack Obama’s own words he stated that if he could not turn this economy around in four years he would be a one-term proposition. He also stated that he would cut the deficit in half, yet we have had four years of trillion-dollar-plus deficits. This morning we found out, again, that we are still at 8% or higher unemployment for 43 straight months. This comes knowing that we were promised by Barack Obama unemployment never higher than 8% with the almost trillion dollar stimulus. We have the lowest workforce participation rate in 31 years…Obama will tout a decrease in unemployment from 8.3% to 8.1%, but that is a scam. We have 368,000 people who have been dropped from the labor accountability rolls. We only added 96, 000 jobs to our economy in August. If America reelects Barack Obama to a second term, we deserve all the pain and misery that will ensue.