Matthews: If Obama beats the right-wing, they're finished

I know the oh-look-more-Chris-Matthews-ridiculousness posts can be tiresome, but the fact that this person has a nationally televised platform from which to spew this type of absolute nonsense never ceases to amaze me (and I have something of a difficult time allowing even the most trifling bits of populist lunacy pass me by without comment, blergh). You’d think my incredulity would eventually subside, but alas — his ability to beclown himself seems to know no bounds. This was prior to President Obama’s speech last night; click the image to watch, via RCP:


Look, the only people who haven’t had it tough in the last four years are the rich. They’ve had it easy, and I think that’s obvious. And now they’re afraid they might somebody in the next four years who might start winning battles. By the way, the best way to beat the right-wing is to beat them. If he beats them in this election, they’re finished. And I think that’s the point. And the moderates will come back. And Jeb Bush will come back. And the people like Chris Christie will come back. The moderates will retake the party if you smash the right. I am talking what the President believes because he’s told people that, that he thinks he can win this election and break these people on the right, the moderates will come back and they’ll be able to negotiate and the Mitch McConnells will be shut up for a while.

Firstly: “The only people who haven’t had it tough in the last four years are the rich. They’ve had it easy…” Yeah, those stupid, greedy rich people, living the high life in their castles made of clouds clouds with their dirty, ill-begotten wealth and not providing anything of value to anyone. Who needs ’em, anyways? Let’s just soak the hell out of ’em and call it a day, amiright?

Secondly: “The best way to beat the right-wing is to beat them.” Don’t let the redundancy confuse you — it’s just Matthews’ opener for getting in another shot at those oh-so-radical Republicans. Yes, this party’s really gotten just too darn extreme for everybody — forget the fact that a few months ago, the party had major trepidation with choosing Mitt Romney because he’s too moderate. A Republican governor from Massachusetts, extreme? Really? No matter what we do, the Left will always find excuses to brand conservatives as “radicals,” and please don’t act like a second term for your hero is going to change that.