Team O: Our convention is going to be way better than those artificial Republicans'

Allahpundit already went through the list of speakers slated to grace center stage at the Democrats’ convention in Charlotte starting on Monday, and I have to add that I agree — even trying my damndest to genuinely put myself in progressives’ shoes, I think I’d have a tough time getting as equi-pumped about their team of A-listers than I do as a conservative about Susana Martinez, Bobby Jindal, etcetera. I mean, besides President Obama himself, kinda’-sorta’ on Bill Clinton, maybe Elizabeth Warren (my faux-liberal alter ego is workin’ real hard to get excited about that one), but I just don’t see anyone inducing the quite same level of inspiration as some of our rock-stars.

But, they’re never ones to let up on the braggadocio, and Team Obama is maintaining that the GOP’s convention was a swing and a miss, and their convention is the one that’s going to take the cake. Via Politico:

“Our goal next week is to bring the choice in the election into focus for the American people, and I think throughout the week, that choice will be crystal clear,” deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said. “Unlike Republicans who really just sought to tear down the president over the course of three days, you know, we’ll make an affirmative case for the president, but also an affirmative case for where we want to take the country and how we’ll strengthen the middle class.”

Senior adviser David Axelrod also tore into the GOP confab in Tampa, alleging it lacked specifics and wouldn’t produce a sizeable bounce in the polls because of it. …

“And the advantage we have is we’re not building our campaign on artifice,” he said, adding a not-so-veiled reference to previous charges the Obama camp has made that the RNC based its convention on falsehoods. “We’re building it on the causes and the themes that have animated Barack Obama’s life and that he’s been working for throughout his life and throughout his presidency, and we’re going to amplify those is this convention.”

Mmm hmm. For all of that just-tearing-down-the-president, only-base-appeal, and artificiality, have at the links.

And, by the way, one good turn deserves another: