Video: A tribute to presidents past

It was only a brief aside from the RNC’s evening proceedings, but I thought it merited a mention: As I’ve argued before, I maintain that history is going to be kind to President Bush. As much as I think he didn’t do enough to stem the flow of government expansion and big spending during his tenure, which in several ways helped to set us up for the awful situation we’re in now, President Obama has put his predecessor to shame and a half on that score — and no amount of blaming ‘the previous administration’ for all of your problems is going to change that fact. I sometimes wonder how there’s enough room for anybody else to fit inside the White House with President Obama and his abundant ego taking up all the oxygen. They weren’t perfect, but both President George W. Bush and his father, President George H.W. Bush, are wonderful reminders of what it looks like when a little dose of humility takes up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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