Connecticut governor: Those Repubs sure are unpatriotic for wanting Obama out of office

Oh hey, check that out — another day, another Democrat redefining “patriotism” for political purposes.

At a Democratic press conference, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy accused Republicans of uniting beneath the sole banner of defeating Barack Obama in November without any meaningful legislative ideas to back it up — most unpatriotic of them.

“To be a Republican today, you have to deny reality and embrace a message that has no other purpose than to elect their candidate as President of the United States,” Malloy said at a press conference with other Democratic governors in Williamsburg, the site of the National Governors Association annual meeting. …

“They know what they’re against, but they can’t tell you what they’re for,” he said. …

“In other times taking those positions would be described as unpatriotic, but our politics have become so distorted that to be against a jobs bill is a good thing, and to be against health reform is a good thing,” he said.

Yes, sir, but why is our biggest issue getting President Obama out of office? Because you’re right, nobody can get anything done — in the 2010 elections, the American people elected to have a divided government in order to frustrate Obama’s plans. Republicans want Obama out of office, because it’s the greatest hope we have to repealing his monstrosity of a health care tax-and-reform law, and a whole host of other damaging rules and regulations. And when it comes to meaningful, proactive ideas for health care and jobs legislation, I’m pretty sure Republicans have those in spades.

So, yeah, releasing Obama from his presidential obligations is without a doubt my biggest issue — because otherwise, we’re not going to be able to stop the tidal wave of job-killing legislation and taxes about to drown our economy even further, and it’s not like we can do much else in the meantime. I think that makes me pretty darn patriotic, and I don’t really appreciate the unsubstantive demagoguery.