Obama: Most people would "acknowledge that I've tried real hard"

Via RCP, President Obama made a stop during his campaign tour of Ohio on Friday to speak with a local television station. When asked what he would say to a constituent who may be disappointed with President Obama’s promise that he was going to reach across the aisle to get things done and who may be on the fence about November’s election, the president replied:

“I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I’ve tried real hard, and we just haven’t gotten the kind of willingness on the part of the Republicans to engage on a whole range of issues that, I wish had happened, and, part of what I think needs to happen in this election is the voters once again have to send a message, ‘We want common sense ideas. We don’t folks who are just saying no to everything.’ Even stuff, traditionally [they] were in favor of. …”

I would absolutely agree with President Obama that he’s ‘tried real hard’ on a lot of things. Three and a half years into his presidency, he’s tried to fleece voters into believing that all of his economic problems were ‘inherited’ from his predecessor; he’s tried to blame the Republican House for frustrate his efforts to pass more progressive legislation, despite the fact that Americans voted overwhelmingly in 2010 specifically to thwart any more attempts at ObamaCare-ishness and DoddFrank-ery; he’s tried real hard to “invest” not-his-money into politically-favorable pet projects; nor should we forget that he’s also tried real hard at improving his golf game and constantly campaigning. And maybe he really does believe that the big-government, central-planning agenda that he’s tried so hard to implement can bring about the booming economy we’re all waiting for — but it demonstrably has not.

Unfortunately for President Obama, this is America — and in America, we have winners, and we have losers. There’s success, and there’s failure. There’s no “A for effort,” no participation award, no “Most Improved” accolade — especially not when you’re the President of the United States and your actions unilaterally affect hundreds of millions of people’s daily lives. “Trying” is not “doing.” President Obama has had a ‘fair shot’ at fixing things, and he has failed to do so — it’s time to give somebody else a try.

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