Obligatory: Congresswoman and interns parody "Call Me, Maybe"

If you’ve only just managed to finally get this cringe-worthy yet singularly awesome song out of your head, I’m sorry, but I can’t not post this.

Just in case you’re behind the curve on the infuriatingly catchy “Call Me, Maybe” craze, here’s the breakdown: The original; the possibly more famous Justin Bieber home movie; and the who-can-explain-why-but-it-is viral Harvard baseball team car-dancing sensation. Internet parodies of all three abound, but this is the first I’ve heard of a Congressional office getting in on the spoof-of-a-spoof action:

Cute. That was Rep. Loretta Sanchez, Democrat from California, and her interns having a little fun (although I’m hoping that was the one-time work of a long lunch break — back to work, people!). Now that the darn song is back into your head though, may as well just embrace it, right?

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