The Obama campaign would like to see some ID, please

To gain entry into President Obama’s speech in Ohio on Thursday, attendees were apparently required to present a photo identification along with their ticket. Which just so obviously, impartially, logically begs the question: Why does the Obama campaign want to disenfranchise minorities?

CLEVELAND — President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign checked the identification of the supporters attending Obama’s “framing” event at Cuyahoga Community College today.

The 1,500 supporters in attendance picked up tickets at campaign offices in Northeast Ohio beginning on Monday, though tickets to the event made no mention of an ID requirement. …

“We checked every ID at the door to make sure it matched with the name on the ticket that supporters filled out,” she said. “We did this for every person who came in.”

Discrimination! Bigotry! Racism! After all, as DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has so aptly reminded us, asking people for government-issued identification is going to literally drag us back to the era of Jim Crow laws. As U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has so patiently chided us, requiring proof of identity jeopardizes the entire civil rights movement. As Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) so recently proclaimed, requiring an ID makes it “almost impossible for young people, for students, for our seniors, for minorities to participate, for the disabled to participate, is a sin. It’s obscene…”

Oh, what’s that? President Obama’s security requires an ID-check to deter the crazies from coming out, which is completely just and legitimate and in no way speaks to any innate racism, but protecting the ballot box from the many proven attempts at fraud and abuse is somehow completely different?

[Head meets desk.]

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