Former RNC chair to Matthews: "You're a good sycophant" for Obama's narrative


“Give me the profound differences between the presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, and former President George W. Bush when it comes to economic policy?”

“That is an irrelevant comparison,” answered Steele.

“Well, no, but it’s my question for you,” Matthews responded.

Steele attempted to respond, “I’m not answering that question simply because..”

“I know why, and everybody watching knows why you won’t answer it,” said Matthews.

Steele said that Matthews was a “sycophant” for Obama and was doing precisely what the White House wanted by focusing on the Bush presidency rather than Obama’s.

“What do you call a guy that refuses to answer a question,” asked a smiling Matthews.

Matthews repeated his question, which Steele answered with another question: “You give me the difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. That’s what this election is about,” said Steele. “This is not about George Bush. Why are we talking about George Bush?”

That was former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele sparring with Chris Matthews, as Matthews tries to get Steele to talk about George Bush and Mitt Romney… while leaving Barack Obama completely out of the equation. Theoretically, it’s a clever strategy — misdirecting attention away from President Obama’s failures by comparing his favorite scapegoat with his incoming challenger. Steele, however, doesn’t take the bait, and calls out Matthews for being such a useful stooge for the Obama campaign. Bazinga!

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022