Video: Boomtown, North Dakota

While the Obama administration continues to limit access to America’s bountiful natural resources through scant permitting and chokehold-worthy regulations, they continue to deny Americans the material abundance that would come with tapping those resources. The opportunity costs of their high-minded dictates are manifold, as we daily miss out on creating a bunch of productive private-sector jobs, producing new wealth, and growing our GDP, as well as increasing the government’s revenue stream.

Last week, I posted on the GOP’s ongoing effort to get the Obama administration to hustle on expanding drilling access with their Domestic Energy and Jobs Act — a measure that would allow private individuals to work wonders for our economy, hardly any government involvement necessary. Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy talked up North Dakota as a perfect example of the type of opportunities the oil and gas industry can offer, and his office just produced a vid demonstrating how swimmingly things are going on the ground there.

The state unemployment rate in North Dakota right now, you ask? Three percent. (That’s the lowest in the country, by the way.) But, by all means, let’s just keep “investing” more taxpayer money into green energy projects; I’m sure that’ll create jobs eventually if we just keep at it long enough. Or something.

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