Rush: Obama has become Barack Hussein Kardashian, Celebrity of the United States

The Obama campaign has been making much ado about a few of their celebrity connections of late, getting Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker in on the act with ads unveiled during the weekend’s MTV movie awards to raise some dolla’ dolla’ bills for his reelection campaign. Mr. Limbaugh, to put it gently, is somewhat less than impressed with their campaign tactics (h/t Right Scoop). Ouch:

High-end fashion editor Anna Wintour is, I’m sure, an accomplished lady with quite the business acumen, and she’s certainly entitled her political opinions, but that’s not why any of Obama’s targets would listen to her. It’s because she’s helping to turn the Barack Obama presidency into something chic, trendy, and cool, lending her posh image to get kids to romanticize him instead of examining his policies. And hey, I can barely blame the Obama campaign for using this to their advantage — we’re a culture (most especially youth culture) inclined to eschewing critical thinking and revering celebrities’ opinions instead, and President Obama isn’t really helping to elevate the national consciousness. He won the youth vote last time by encouraging and going along with this type of thing, but maybe — just maybe — enough young people are sitting on their parents’ couches right about now to realize that celebrity mystique is a far cry from economic reality.

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