Week in Review: The Miles Davis Electoral Cycle, and More!

AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

What stories topped your priority lists this week? Last week, we had one story -- but this week we have a surfeit of riches, all of which reminds us that we're in uncharted territory in 2024. Have we entered "the Miles Davis electoral cycle," as Duane posits, where everyone is making it up as they go along? 

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Welcome to our VIP feature for Hot Air as well as a members-only show in the Hughniverse! Duane Patterson and I now are doing a Week in Review show for Friday evenings, exclusive to members in both platforms. Duane has been the Generalissimo behind the Hugh Hewitt Show for more than two decades, and we have partnered on weekly commentary since 2007.

Our topics today include:

  • Donald Trump verdict fallout
  • Gag order extension demand
  • Hunter Biden prosecution
  • Joe Biden's non compos mentis moments
  • Polls
  • The latest developments in Israel, Gaza, and especially Qatar
  • And more!

Be sure to watch it all, and extend the conversation in the comments!

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