Hamas Hostage Video: 'Here Are the Girls Who Can Get Pregnant'

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Just remember that the radicals on college campuses across America endorse this as an act of liberation. And don't miss the fact that Western nations want to recognize "Palestine" as  a state while Hamas runs Gaza ... and still has not released these hostages.


The families of those still held by the terrorists that Norway, Ireland, and Spain just endorsed released previously unseen video taken by Hamas on October 7 showing abducted Israeli women among corpses of other hostages. The families released the video in hopes of restarting negotiations for their release. It is graphic, horrifying, and includes leering commentary about their appearance as well as their fertility:

Bodycam footage from the terrorists shows the moment the bloodied young women, operating at the Nahal Oz base outside the Gaza Strip, were handcuffed and pressed against a wall by Hamas while surrounded by the corpses of their colleagues.

In the sickening video, the terrorists could be heard gloating and announcing their plans to sexually assault the soldiers. 

“Here are the girls who can get pregnant,” one of the gunmen said. "So beautiful."

Here's the video, but I warn readers that this is violent and disturbing:

The video, taken from Hamas terrorists’ body cameras, is a little over three minutes long and has been censored.

The forum stated that the decision to release the video was made by the families of the five lookouts who are still being held captive by Hamas, namely Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniel Gilboa, and Naama Levy.


The video also got published by the Times of Israel, where it's causing an understandable surge in outrage over the status of the hostages. The families cut it down from the original 13-minute video to edit out even more brutality and graphic violence, but they want this video to make an impact on the war cabinet by rallying Israelis to demand a deal to get the rest of the hostages out. One father of a hostage seen in this clip calls it their "last bullet" in the campaign:

Asked why the decision was made to have the footage broadcast, and told that the war cabinet is meeting tonight to discuss the hostages, Albag says: “If this film doesn’t change the thinking, this is the last bullet we have, to tell them. What else do you want? What else can we do? If that doesn’t influence them…”

It took five years to reach a deal for the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011, he notes, “and they paid so much more” to get him out of Hamas captivity. “Wake up! There are 128 hostages. One hundred and twenty-eight. The number is beyond comprehension. Somebody has to wake up. And if this doesn’t wake them up, I don’t know what else to say.”

Therein lies the problem for the families, however. The Shalit deal freed Yahya Sinwar, a multiple murderer who conceived and launched the October 7 'Al-Aqsa Flood' operation, as well as a number of his lieutenants and now-commanders in Hamas. That point has not been lost on the Israeli public, even while sympathy remains high (and understandably so) for the families of these hostages. It doesn't help that Hamas keeps trying to shrink the number of hostages, not to mention their status as living human beings, while still demanding maximalist concessions from the Israelis, especially on even more terrorist releases like the one that freed Sinwar.


Nevertheless, Benny Gantz pledged to renew efforts in negotiations:

War cabinet minister Benny Gantz says his “stomach turned” when he first saw the video of five female hostages being taken hostage by Hamas terrorists on October 7 and that he will not stop thinking about the captives until they are all returned.

“But the responsibility of leaders is not just to look the reality in the eye, it is to create a different reality, even when it means making difficult decisions. And that is our responsibility,” he writes on X.

Israel really does face a "Sophie's choice" in this predicament, and it's very difficult to second-guess their policy over the last eight months. However, they created the incentives for hostaging with deals such as the one that eventually freed Shalit. The only way to end that tactic is to make it worthless. If they keep rewarding it, Hamas will keep hostaging forever as a means of waging war and imposing terror on Israel. If nothing else, October 7 made that excruciatingly clear. 

The rest of the world doesn't face that Sophie's choice, though. There is absolutely no reason to reward Gazans and these tactics with unilateral declarations of statehood, especially while the hostages remain in Gaza. Norway, Spain, and Ireland chose to side with the genocidal terrorists and rapists and sacrifice these women to the monsters simply for the sake of political posturing. The leaders of these nations are despicable moral cowards, and that includes the Biden administration, which has been negotiating on Hamas' behalf and pushing "aid" into the country that Hamas captures to maintain its power in Gaza. 


This video shows exactly what they are endorsing. 

As a palate cleanser, here's my friend and yours with the moral clarity that the global progressive anti-Semitic elite lack. 

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