It's 'Wish'craft, not education: The Amiable Skeptics featuring Adam Baldwin!

Why can’t Johnny spell G-A-Y? Adam Baldwin and I tackle the failing state of education and its replacement by indoctrination, as Heather Mac Donald wrote at City Journal, and note that the effort goes beyond the public-school system. Is Disney leading an attack on monotheistic values in its new animated film Wish, or will the trailer turn out to not represent the film as a whole? Adam advises us to remain skeptical and not jump to conclusions, and he also updates us on the Hollywood strike.

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Welcome back to our VIP video series “The Amiable Skeptics,” featuring my friend Adam Baldwin! Adam is well-known for his long and storied Hollywood career, starting with My Bodyguard, and especially for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, its film sequel SerenityChuck, and The Last Ship.

Highlights from today’s episode includes:

  • Did the writers really score a victory over AI? Adam is skeptical about that, too. ” Chat GPT and AI generating content is not going to be stopped,” he tells us. “You’d have to have some sort of constitutional or legislative action from Congress to do it. And that’ll be challenged in the course for years and years and years.”
  • “You and I have talked a little bit about rise of neopaganism,” I tell Adam next. “I don’t know that we’ve a deep dive on that. I think we’ve mentioned it a couple of times in terms of its relation to cultural Marxism and the demolition of traditional faith in favor of, again, sort of paganism.” That seems to be what’s at work in the new trailer from Disney about the film Wish, which I had posted from Not the Bee earlier in the day, or at least it seems that way to me.
  • “Again going off of only the trailer,” Adam replies, “what I see is a human king, depicted not as a god, but as a tyrant. And that’s not the Christian God, although he can be quite fiery.” Adam points out with some humor how much the king resembles Gavin Newsom, which makes me laugh, and cautions against jumping to conclusions. “We have to be skeptical of all things Hollywood, that mainstream Hollywood puts out, because there are subtle ideological themes implanted,” he says. But “until we actually see the film or have it reviewed by someone we trust, whoever that could be, or a consensus of those that we trust or see it for ourselves,” Adam argues, we should keep our powder dry.
  • Why can’t Johnny spell G-A-Y? Adam and I discuss Mac Donald’s essay, and I conclude that “it’s because teachers unions and progressive activists aren’t educating kids anymore.” It’s because they’re too busy indoctrinating kids into their view of social justice, the 1619 Project, so-called “anti-racism,” and gender ideology, and so on.
  • Adam and I discuss a few other articles on this topic from the past week, and debate whether parents should participate in the public-school system at all any longer.

Be sure to watch it all, and extend the conversation in the comments!

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