Garlanded and Branded: The Amiable Skeptics featuring Adam Baldwin!

What do Merrick Garland and Russell Brand have in common? Not much, but Adam Baldwin and I use both stories this week to talk about the enforcement of the narratives in American media and governance — and the lack of real accountability in both. Plus, is the real shame of the Hollywood strike that it’s preventing LGBTQ+ narratives in didactic films and TV shows? Adam explains this claim, and more!

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Welcome back to our VIP video series “The Amiable Skeptics,” featuring my friend Adam Baldwin! Adam is well-known for his long and storied Hollywood career, starting with My Bodyguard, and especially for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, Firefly, its film sequel SerenityChuck, and The Last Ship.

Garland got shredded on Capitol Hill this week, which will have absolutely no consequences for the Attorney General. What does that say about the state of our republic? In Brand’s case, all sides may need to keep their powder dry, and Adam and I want to wait for the evidence to emerge to make any kind of judgment on the allegations. But why couldn’t YouTube, mainstream media, and social media platforms do the same?

A few highlights from today’s show include:

  • “His favorite phrase was I don’t recall the answer to that, I apologize for not being able to get back to you in a more timely manner,” Adam recalls from Garland’s testimony. What he really meant, Adam says, was “It’s your fault for accusing me and the FBI and all of these wonderful people. He’s using Fbi agents as human shields for his corruption.”
  • The line about not getting back to the committee has grown very tiresome, especially with the issue of targeting so-called “rad trad” Catholics. I point out that Congress has been asking those questions for more than six months, and they’re no closer to getting answers.
  • It’s all about compliance, Adam argues. “YouTube demonetized Russell Brand, they’re throwing grandmas in jail for showing up at the Capitol with their strollers,” he says, “they’re going after parents for objecting to LGBTQ teachingIndoctrination in Kindergarten through 4th grade. 5th grade, It’s all of this totalitarian ‘peace’,” Adam says — “Shut up, they explained.”

Be sure to watch it all, and extend the conversation in the comments!

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