Congress melts down: The Week in Review!

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What stories topped your priority lists this week? Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson and I agree on the stories — but argue over the interpretations. In a flashback to 50 years earlier, we both agree that the American people are realizing that their president is a crook. But a lot has changed in 50 years, including Congress’ own view of its role and whether their loyalty is to the Constitution — or performative partisanship. If we ever needed corroboration, two embarrassing displays by House Democrats in hearings this week provided it. It’s not just the Democrats playing Stupid Partisan Pet Tricks, I argue.

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Welcome to our VIP feature for Hot Air as well as a members-only show in the Hughniverse! Duane Patterson and I now are doing a Week in Review show for Friday evenings, exclusive to members in both platforms. Duane has been the Generalissimo behind the Hugh Hewitt Show for more than two decades, and we have partnered on weekly commentary since 2007.

Highlights from today’s show include:

  • “The same people who are insisting that taking pornographic material out of school libraries is somehow a fascist book ban,” I point out, now say “showing naked dick pics of, you know, an adult male who was taking these things of himself as part of an investigation into his criminal activities is somehow horrible.”
  • Should we call Joe Biden “Abe Vigoda” or “Old Yeller”?
  • Did Kamala Harris say something stupid this week about Florida’s new middle-school curriculum? Get ready for a heated debate on that point. “Why should we be teaching kids stupid arguments?” I wonder. “That’s what college is for. You go to college to hear stupid arguments.”
  • “You can go to a Joe Biden speech for stupid arguments,” Duane retorts.
  • We then spend a lot of time on the FD-1023 released yesterday by Chuck Grassley and James Comer, as well as the IRS whistleblowers. Our mutual conclusion is that the Bidens are corrupt, including the current president. What will be done about it? That discussion had fireworks!
  • “If we had even a modicum amount of Senate Democrats that had a moral conscience, which we we apparently don’t,” Duane argues, they would force Biden out of office, at least through the Nixon method. “There is not  one Democrat in the United States Senate who has a soul and a conscience.”
  • Are there any Senate Republicans who are appreciably better? No, I argue, and that’s because Congress’ view of itself has changed since Watergate. Now it’s just a forum for performative partisan stunts, not real accountability. When Kweisi Mfume argues that the “checks on democracy” come from the FBI and the IRS, and 102 Democrats want to censor a Democrat exposing government censorship, Congress has entirely melted down — and may not come back from it.

Be sure to watch it all, and join the conversation in the comments! I’ll be on vacation the next two weeks, but Duane will get together with David and Beege for more Week in Review episodes in my absence.

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