Obama pollster to Dems: "Latinx" is still not a thing despite your wokest efforts

Obama pollster to Dems: "Latinx" is still not a thing despite your wokest efforts

Consider this a follow-up to my previous post about Democrats lecturing when they should be listening. In an attempt to pander to their intersectionality base, Democrats have spent the last few years adopting the term “Latinx” to refer to Hispanic voters. At the same time, Hispanic voters have begun drifting away from Democrats.

That might be coincidence, but a new poll from a firm that worked for Barack Obama shows that the demonstration of wokery isn’t helping. In fact, it might be causative, report Politico’s Marc Caputo and Sabrina Rodriguez:

As Democrats seek to reach out to Latino voters in a more gender-neutral way, they’ve increasingly begun using the word Latinx, a term that first began to get traction among academics and activists on the left.

But that very effort could be counterproductive in courting those of Latin American descent, according to a new nationwide poll of Hispanic voters.

Only 2 percent of those polled refer to themselves as Latinx, while 68 percent call themselves “Hispanic” and 21 percent favored “Latino” or “Latina” to describe their ethnic background, according to the survey from Bendixen & Amandi International, a top Democratic firm specializing in Latino outreach.

More problematic for Democrats: 40 percent said Latinx bothers or offends them to some degree and 30 percent said they would be less likely to support a politician or organization that uses the term.

James Carville tried to warn Democrats about sounding more like the “faculty lounge” than working- and middle-class Americans. This is precisely what Carville meant. It’s not just that “Latinx” got traction among “academics and activists on the Left”; it’s that Democrats have gone so far out of their way to pander to academics and Leftist activists that they don’t know how to talk to anyone else.

The most amusing part of this is that the term “Hispanic” is not just also already gender-neutral, it’s also very popular among the voters it describes. How popular? This popular:

This is hardly the first poll to show that “Latinx” is not just a fringe construct but actively annoying to Hispanic voters. Bendixen & Amandi pollster Fernand Amandi wonders why Democrats keep insisting on promoting its usage:

At a time when Republicans appear to be making inroads among Latino voters, the survey results raise questions about how effectively the party is communicating with them, according to pollster Fernand Amandi and other Democrats and Latino vote experts.

“The numbers suggest that using Latinx is a violation of the political Hippocratic Oath, which is to first do no electoral harm,” said Amandi, whose firm advised Barack Obama’s successful Hispanic outreach nationwide in his two presidential campaigns. “Why are we using a word that is preferred by only 2 percent, but offends as many as 40 percent of those voters we want to win?”

The answer is simple — Democrats have invested themselves far more into the faculty lounge and activist donor base than they have with Hispanic voters. This isn’t the only reason why Hispanics are moving to the GOP in the last couple of cycles, but this disconnect certainly doesn’t help matters. It’s a great practical demonstration of how Democrats insist on lecturing rather than listening, and also on their assumption that the only problem with that is voter stupidity.

For what it’s worth, here’s the clip with Carville’s lament about “faculty lounge” thinking among Democrats. Skip ahead to about the 3-minute mark to hear his frustration over “stupid wokeness” and the disaster it created for Democrats in last month’s election — and not just in Virginia.

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