Loudoun dad: "My child was raped at school" -- and the school board covered it up

Loudoun dad: "My child was raped at school" -- and the school board covered it up

If Scott Smith unjustly endured a public humiliation at the Loudoun County Public Schools board meeting, the LCPS board’s turn has only just begun. Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham followed up on the reporting by the Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak on Smith’s horrific treatment by the LCPS board, trans activists, the media, and even the Department of Justice. Smith recaps the story with Ingraham, starting with the rape of his daughter in a girls’ restroom by a boy wearing a dress, and ending with his plea for better outcomes — especially for parents who want to engage in the system:


INGRAHAM: Well, the county sheriff’s office announced last week that a teenager from Ashburn has been charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student at Broad Run High School. That suspect remains held at the Loudoun County juvenile detention center. The name of the suspect cannot be released due to the fact that he is a juvenile. Scott, you say this is the same boy who sexually assaulted your daughter. How do you know that?

SMITH: This is, in fact, the sexual predator that assaulted by daughter. We were under the impression from the prosecutor that this sexual predator was being held on in-house arrest with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done. You are innocent until you are proven guilty. I understand that. But we do have to protect everyone at the same time.

I was told by everyone, my attorneys, the prosecuting attorney, friends of the family, people I don’t even know, that if I wanted justice for my daughter, that I needed to keep my mouth quiet and not speak out because in order to get justice for my daughter, which is the most important thing to me, of course, was to not come out, and let justice prevail.

INGRAHAM: So you were supposed to be quiet?

SMITH: When I found out on Friday night —

INGRAHAM: You were supposed to be quite, not talk about this publicly.

SMITH: Correct. It was my decision not to speak out. Nobody muzzled me. But I was told that if I wanted justice for my daughter and wanted this case to have a finality and a possible conviction that I —

INGRAHAM: You have every right to speak out. I am sorry, Scott. You have every right to speak out. You are a father of a daughter who was sexually assaulted by someone who you said came into that bathroom wearing a skirt. And then they are making you out to be a domestic terrorist at the Department of Justice by implication?

SMITH: That just started. That just happened a week or two ago. So you’ve got to understand, this happened the last week of May. And then school ended. And the school board and the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. My wife and I had to spend the entire summer rebuilding our daughter. Unfortunately, there was a couple of rough nights. It was hell. But the good news is my daughter is doing very well.


That is good news indeed, and Smith emphasizes — repeatedly — that he didn’t attend the board meeting to conduct an activist protest. After the rape of his daughter, Smith wanted to know what the LCPS board would do to improve security and protect other young girls in its care. Only when they lied about not having any reports of sexual assaults did Smith get angry and speak up, only to find himself attacked by trans activists, which precipitated his arrest and subsequent demonization.

That’s the scariest part, Smith says, and he’s not going to let it pass without pushing back:

INGRAHAM: Yes, your message to parents across the country who also want to have their voices heard on any issue at any school board meeting, should they feel intimidated given what our political system is saying about possible meetings getting out of control and extremists or domestic terror, or threats? Should they feel intimidated, Scott.

SMITH: Well, that whole thing is nonsense, Laura, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, I didn’t go there to boycott anything. I went there to see what’s going on.

INGRAHAM: You’re not political. You established that. You established that. You are not political.


INGRAHAM: But other parents across the country are afraid now to go to school board meetings because of the intimidation.

SMITH: Right. So all summer long we were waiting for justice, and I’m keeping quiet. And then last Friday night the phone rang, I actually believe it was a text, from a concerned parent to my wife. It said I need to know what the boy’s name is. And we said we will never discuss that. Why? And then they proceed to tell my wife that there was another assault at Broad Run High School and the rumor is that it’s the same boy. I couldn’t believe — I started to argue with my wife about it, because is aid this is impossible. Stop feeding into social media. This didn’t happen.

INGRAHAM: Well, Scott, we are going to —

SMITH: And within a half-an-hour, within a half-an-hour, it was confirmed that yes, this did happen. And I basically said that’s it. I won’t stay quiet anymore.

INGRAHAM: As we are having this ongoing discussion.

SMITH: And I’m out. I’m spreading the message. And this stuff has to stop, Laura.


Smith isn’t the only one speaking out. At an LCPS board meeting last night, parents demanded resignations over the cover-up of the rape:

PARENT #1: When is Dr. [Scott] Ziegler and this board going to be held accountable? What did you think was going to happen when you push porn into the classrooms and into the libraries and let boys into the girls’ bathrooms?

PARENT #2: There is something seriously wrong with a system that prioritizes reporting a rape internally to the superintendent so that they can control the narrative instead of calling the police.

PARENT #3: Hiding evidence and every parent from LCPS (Loudoun County Public Schools) about a heinous sexual assault of a student that occurred in a bathroom so you could pass radical policy 8040 is more important to you than protecting the dignity and safety of our children against the likelihood of a repeat occurrence.

These people won’t provide parents the accountability they deserve. Parents will have to impose it themselves, at the ballot box — and by withdrawing their children from their schools.

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