Maskless San Fran mayor: "We don't need the Fun Police"

Says the Chief of the Fun Police. Let’s recall that London Breed imposed the mask mandate in San Francisco herself, necessitating the Fun Police in the first place. After having been caught tripping the light fantastic in a Frisco nightclub sans mask, now Breed wants to dismiss the criticism as unnecessary Karen-ing — rather than the breathtaking demonstration of elite hypocrisy that it was:


“We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing,” said Breed during an interview to address the controversy.

The city’s health order states attendees at live indoor performances must remain masked except when actively eating or drinking. Breed maintained that she was drinking at the time.

“My drink was sitting at the table, said Breed. I got up and started dancing because i was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.
Some say the mayor was flouting the same tough rules some SF business owners have been complaining about.

“Some say”? For those who missed it last week, Breed got caught on video going maskless without being in the act of eating or drinking, and not for any short period of time either. Breed not only had her mask off, she can be seen singing along — which is a force multiplier for transmission indoors, at least when people other than Democratic politicians engage in that activity:


Most patrons inside the subterranean venue, which serves food and drinks, did not wear a mask as mandated by the city of San Francisco. According to the citywide mandate Breed announced in August, the health department requires that everyone wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public buildings even if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, except while actively eating or drinking.

Breed — who had a table of drinks in front of her and was often holding one — spent the night dancing, singing along and posing for photographs without a face covering.

Allahpundit posted a link to the city’s mask mandate imposed by Breed herself. Note the part he and I both bold, which pre-empts Breed’s defense above about her vaccination status:

“We don’t want to shut down this city or this country down any longer than we have to. Our economy and our livelihood, and our kids going back to school, and everything in between depends on it,” she said.

In a news release about the mandate, the mayor’s office clearly spelled out the rules, stating, “The orders require all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face coverings when indoors in public settings, with limited exceptions.”


These are Breed’s rules, not anyone else’s. This isn’t a “some say” issue. Breed imposed the mandate, and later got captured on video explicitly violating it. Now Breed wants to chalk up criticism to the “Fun Police,” which Breed herself tried to call into existence with the mandate in the first place. A more abysmal example of elite hypocrisy would be difficult to come by; at least Gavin Newsom had enough belated self-awareness to be embarrassed over his French Laundry dinner.

As for the cultural significance of a Tony! Toni! Toné! reunion excusing the mask, all I can add is … huh? Does the COVID-19 virus have less replication on oldies tours? I’d love to see the science on that claim. I suspect Mick Jagger and Roger Daltrey might be interested in that, too.

But you know who else shares Breed’s lack of fondness for the Fun Police? Everyone, Charles C.W. Cooke writes at National Review, especially the low-risk children that Breed and others insist have to wear masks:

Under the current rules, my three-year-old has to wear a mask when traveling on airplanes. Like many children, he, too, likes to dance when he feels the spirit. And, like many children, he, too, is less than fond of the fun police. But do you know who cares about any of that? Nobody, that’s who. As I write, millions of American kids are on their way to school with masks strapped over their faces — a fact of which London Breed’s political party not only approves, but is willing to sue in order to universalize. If, as Breed implies, these rules represent unnecessary and intrusive micromangement that can’t possibly survive contact with reality, then maybe we should do the obvious thing, and blow them all up?


Maybe we should Defund the Fun Police — or better yet, Abolish the Fun Police. We can start with Breed’s mayoralty and work our way outward from there.

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