CBS LA: Pro-Palestinian caravans attacked Jews in LA, Beverly Hills

CBS LA: Pro-Palestinian caravans attacked Jews in LA, Beverly Hills

Hey, who’s up for a good old-fashioned pogrom? The CBS affiliate in Los Angeles reports that police are investigating several reports of attacks on Jews in the Southland, two of which got caught on camera. Caravans of pro-Palestinian protesters attacked Jewish diners at a sushi restaurant late last night, as well as chased an Orthodox Jew down the street while waving the Palestinian flag:

Witnesses said a mob of pro-Palestinians attacked a group of Jewish men who were dining at the restaurant. Cell phone video showed a group of men get out of the car and start to attack them while yelling racial slurs.

One of the diners, who is not Jewish, told CBSLA a caravan waving pro-Palestinian flags approached and then began throwing bottles at him and the group he was dining with. The man said he is a photographer and the group was meeting at the restaurant to plan a wedding.

The man said he was physically attacked when he tried to defend the group. He said the men used anti-Jewish profanity. He said he was pepper sprayed during the attack and had to go to the hospital. …

Meanwhile, police are also investigating a security video recorded Monday night which appears to show an Orthodox Jewish man being chased by a caravan of people waving Palestinian flags near Rosewood and La Brea avenues. The man escaped and was not hurt.

The CBS LA report takes the correct journalistic tone, but the choice of chyron is curious. Why call them “Jewish hate crimes”? Aren’t they “possible Palestinian hate crimes”? Jews are the intended victims here, after all, at least allegedly. This looks more like a clumsy chyron operator than malice, but hopefully someone has corrected that in future CBS LA coverage.

CBS also passes along reports that caravans went into Beverly Hills looking for Jewish homes to attack. That allegation seems sketchier, but allegedly the same or similar caravans went looking for mezuzahs to identify those residences. If those turn out to be true, that points to a long-term vulnerability for Jews in the area.

At the very least, we have the attacks seen on camera as an indication of an alleged hate crime. Kudos to CBS for covering it.

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