Did Ducey just make Arizona a sanctuary state -- on gun control enforcement?

Did Ducey just make Arizona a sanctuary state -- on gun control enforcement?

Progressives ought to love this. After all, they pioneered the technique:

Arizona has signed a new law that would prohibit federal gun laws that would violate the Second Amendment.

The HB2111 legislation was signed into law Tuesday by Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, ensuring rights of gun owners are protected from potential overreaching gun laws sought by President Joe Biden’s administration.

The law seeks to prohibit police and sheriffs from enforcing new federal gun laws, which critics say will undermine the rule of law and discourage law enforcement officers from enforcing federal gun laws to protect the public. Critics also say it is an unconstitutional measure that will cost taxpayers to defend in court.

Say, that sounds like a familiar argument. Didn’t conservatives make that same argument regarding “sanctuary” cities and states on immigration? Undermine rule of law — check. Discourage law enforcement from protecting the public — check. Unconstitutional infringement on federal jurisdiction — check. And yet, progressives insisted that states and cities had the authority to ignore federal law and refuse to use local resources to enforce it.

So … progressives must be pretty stoked by this embrace of their argument by conservatives, right? Right? Wrong:

Gun control advocates from Everytown for Gun Safety delivered petitions earlier Tuesday urging Ducey to reject the legislation, HB2111. Everytown for Gun Safety, which advocates for universal background checks and gun-control measures, is backed by Michael Bloomberg.

I’m shocked, shocked to find this hypocrisy in the sanctuary.

Get ready for a fun fight in the courts, as Bloomberg has more money than Croesus and not much else to do with his life at the moment. Once it gets into appellate level, though, progressives might discover that they’re arguing against their own interests when it comes to federal jurisdiction and compliance from states and local governments. They may just talk themselves into ending sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants at about the time a Republican returns to the White House.

And it might very well be Republican Doug Ducey, whose action here helps boost his national profile for 2024, if he’s got any ambitions in that direction. Few governors don’t have presidential ambitions at some point, after all.

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