Chris Christie: Where's Trump? Update: Election was stolen, but you have to go home now, says Trump

Where indeed? The Capitol building is being sacked by Donald Trump’s supporters who moved directly down Pennsylvania Avenue, as he suggested at the end of his live appearance at the DC rally earlier. Since then, Trump has only offered a couple of tweets, and Chris Christie wonders why Trump hasn’t done more to defend the nation’s capital:

Christie’s not alone, either. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) put out an angry video plea for the president to “call this off,” calling it what it is — banana-republic crap. Gallagher also blames his colleagues for “countenancing an effort by Congress to overturn the election:

“The election is over.” Perhaps Trump isn’t concerned about elections these days. He’s certainly not concerned over the prospects for violence directed at even his fellow Republicans, let alone the law enforcement personnel he hailed in a tweet. At least one person has been shot:

The Trump family has also been tweeting to get protesters to withdraw, but tweets aren’t having much impact. The protesters have established themselves in the building, and they’re not inclined to leave:

It’s not as though Trump’s unaware of the situation, after all:

At this point, a basic sense of leadership should have prompted a televised address demanding that his supporters withdraw from the building. Of course, a basic sense of leadership would have recognized the danger in firing up the crowd and then telling them to go down to Capitol Hill in the first place.

Instead of asserting some sort of leadership, though, Trump is instead ceding that position to … Joe Biden:

This is ongoing, but Biden’s calling out Trump for not asserting himself to defend the capital, and calling it “close to sedition.” What a disgrace.

Update: Trump declares that “we have to have peace,” and protesters should “go home in peace,” but also the election was totally stolen: